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Electrical Good:
When buying Electrical Good from outside your own country make sure that the goods are suitable for you electrical supply. Most Electrical retails will not export electrical goods.

Food And Drink:
Most food and drinks retailers will not export these goods.

Although retailers will export these goods, It is always best to try and find a retailer in your own country, as the time it take to deliver the items there quality and freshness may be disappointing.

Importing goods:
Always check whether there are going to be any import-Export duty on the goods you are buying (See Links Below). Check with the retailer as to how the delivers are to be made and the expected delivery date, if they have not turn up within the expected time the goods may be held up at Customs and Excise.

Some Helpful Information About Going Online Shopping:
There's No Doubt About It - Shopping Online Has Really Taken Off. From A Computer In The Comfort Of Your Home, You Can Compare Shops And Purchase Everything From Angora Sweaters To The Latest DVD Music Album. Never Before Has Shopping Been So Easy! Everywhere On The 'Net Storefronts Are Touting Their Extensive Product Line, Ease-Of-Use, And Security. Here Are A Couple Of Things To Remember When Shopping Online.

Keep A Record Of Your Transactions:
Just As You Would Save Your Receipt In Case You Need To Return Or Exchange An Item, You'll Want To Keep A Record Of All Online Transactions, Including The Merchant's URL (Internet Address). That Way, You'll Have All The Information At Your Fingertips In Case A Question About An Order Arises. Several Computer Software And Browser Providers Now Offer Electronic Wallets That Can Automatically Log Your Internet Purchases. Many Online Merchants Will E-Mail You An Order Confirmation That Summarises The Price And Quantity Of A Purchase. Print And Save A Copy Of This Information.

Know Your Consumer Rights:
The Same Laws That Protect You When You Shop By Phone Or Mail Apply When You Shop In Cyberspace. Under The Law, A Company Must Ship Your Order Within The Time Stated In Its Advertisements And No More Than 30 Days After The Order Date. If You Decide To Pay By Credit Card Or Charge Card, Your Transaction Will Be Protected By The Fair Credit Billing Act.

Other Safe Shopping Hints:
• Order more than just one item at a time to save on delivery costs.
• Try and get your goods delivered at a time when you will be there, otherwise your package might get left with the neighbours from hell!
• Become members of web sites - this might entitle you to a discount as well as being notified about special offers.
• Don't get carried away and spend too much!

Safe online shopping starts here:
Secure servers provide unique encryption sessions between your computer and a merchant's website and keep your data safe when interacting with online payment systems. Secure server certificates are created for a particular server, a specific domain and a verified business entity which allows web site visitors to safely transmit sensitive information and get a better idea of who they are entrusting it to.

Identifying a Secure Connection in your browser:
When you access a secure server the address of the web site will change from 'http://www...' to 'https://www...' signifying that the site is secure.
Most web browsers (the program you are using right now to view this website) will also have a notification area that informs you - either visually, audibly or both - when you enter and leave a secure server. Over the last few years, web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari and many more) have diversified in look and usability so much that the methods used to notify you when you access a secure connection vary significantly in each browser. On older browsers you will most likely see a padlock appear along the status bar of your browser - this is most likely found at the bottom of the screen.
In the case of Firefox and Netscape, the address bar also turns yellow to further highlight your secure connection, whilst Opera 9 also displays the name of the merchant who runs the website and the secure server. A new type of secure server certificate, known as "extended validation" certificates will change the colour of the address bar to green when the certificate is valid.

Invalid Certificates / Insecure Sites:
Some Browsers (such as I.E.7) will warn you if you ever try to access an invalid, expired or revoked certificate. If you choose to ignore this warning and proceed to the site, your address bar will turn red. If your address bar turns red or none of the above happens*, then this is not a secure server - don't enter your credit card details. Don't be afraid to email the vendor and ask them a few questions to put your mind at rest!

Note about Actinic Sites:
Shopping sites using the Actinic software don't use standard secure servers as mentioned above, but use 128-bit encryption using a Java applet to safely encrypt credit card information. Barclays Bank, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland approve Actinic software for their merchants to use. Again, if you have any doubts email the merchant.

Secure Server Providers:
You can find out more about secure servers by visiting the websites below:
• Verisign: www.verisign.co.uk
• Thawte: www.thawte.com
• Comodo: www.comodo.com
You may also see the logos of the above providers shown prominently on websites claiming to have a secure server, in most cases you can click this logo for a real-time status check, supplied by the provider, allowing you to further verify the merchant's credentials. * - if you have applied a custom look (also known as a 'skin') to your web browser, this may affect the appearance and location of elements on your screen - if in doubt check with the manufacturer of the 'skin' and/or your browser.

The Distance Selling Regulations
Online retailers must:
• offer clear information about goods and services up front
• give written confirmation of purchases
• offer a 'cooling off' period where you can cancel for any reason within 7 days of receipt of goods and still get a full refund
• offer a full refund if goods don't arrive by the date agreed (or within 30 days if no date was agreed).

The Sale of Goods Act:
Goods you buy must:
• be safe and of satisfactory quality
• not be damaged or defective (unless this was pointed out in advance)
• be fit for the purpose
• be as described by the seller
• last for a reasonable length of time

Useful Safe Shopping Sites:
BBC Watchdog
The team will investigate your story.

Office of Fair Trading
Gives very helpful online shopping advice.

Trust UK
is a non-profit organisation endorsed by the UK Government to enable consumers to buy online with confidence.

Trading Standards
For consumer protection information in the UK.

Data Protection Registrar
If you do not want your personal details to be used for direct marketing, you have the right to object.

The Consumer Gateway
Offers information and advice for consumers.

HM Customs and Excise
Good advice on excise duties and VAT if you're buying from outside the UK.

Review Centre
Has consumer reviews of online shops.

Learn about your rights and where to get advice and help.

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